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Styling A Living Room

A few tips for styling a living room

  • Clean and de-clutter the room of ornaments and similar items – take a minimalist’s approach
  • Arrange remaining decorations in clusters of 3, 5 or 7
  • Use smaller lounges / sofas and chairs to make the room appear larger
  • Arrange furniture so that it enhances both space and light
  • Introduce bright colours in the form of flowers, pillows, throws of soft fabrics by draping them over a chair or sofa
  • Consider introducing a plant or two to bring space to life
  • Use mirrors on some walls to add depth and dimension – they also make a room appear larger
  • Open curtains / blinds to let in the maximum amount of light. If one or more are hiding something unsightly, rethink this and use lamps to brighten up dark areas

By making these changes, you’ll create the ‘WOW’ factor and significantly increase the chances of a quick sale with a higher price tag!

You may also consider paying a professional styling company to give your property that extra edge. A good stylist can make your house look like it comes from the pages of Vogue. I am to give you advice on the best styling companies.


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