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"My wife and I recently sold our house in Curtin through Peter Morrell of McGrath Real Estate, Woden. The house had been on the market for the previous 12 months through another Real Estate company without success.  McGrath and particularly Peter Morrell, performed superbly with the house being sold at auction for a very good price after a five week campaign.

I was particularly impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism of Peter Morrell and the professional standards that McGrath insist upon from a marketing and salesmanship perspective.

The auctioneer engaged by McGrath was clearly a high performer and drove the auction to get the best result for us. It is noteworthy that Peter Morrell was supported on auction day by two Principals from the McGrath Woden agency who worked with the auctioneer and the bidders to ensure the best possible outcome. This indicates a team approach with high level backup and support to the salesman.

This experience with McGrath can best be described as most satisfying, following the previous 12 months of hard work to prepare the house for weekly inspections for a fruitless and disappointing outcome. I would recommend any prospective seller to use Peter Morrell of McGrath Woden to market and sell their property in Canberra, and I would also recommend using any McGrath agency nationwide noting the high standards insisted upon by the CEO John McGrath."

Les Pataky, AM, CSC, Commodore, RAN Retd,