Property Marketing

The property market is making sure that as many people as possible see your home when you enter the market. You see, competition is the force that will get you that best price, not the promise of the price.

It's all about getting as many people as possible to see it so they compete on your front lawn and auction. Or they make ever-increasing offers to make sure you get that maximum price. That's all about marketing. It's all about getting people there.

As a former professional commercial photographer, I know the importance of making sure that first image stands out and gets the people to the property. Whether you're looking at it through in say, a newspaper, or publications, or a website, or on Facebook, social media, making sure that photography is just top notch, will get people.

Property marketing is also about making sure that all the elements are there, but not putting money where it's not needed. But it's certainly, from my long experience in real estate marketing, I understand what you need to do, how's the best way to maximize your audience, and also to make sure that your property is presented to the market that it's most likely to appeal to. So it's just about not over-marketing or under marketing, it's about just getting it right to get the net as wide as possible.