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3 Reasons we aren’t in a housing bubble

Home values in Canberra appreciated 10.6% over 2020 and analysts predict another 5% this year. This is one reason some are concerned that there will be another housing bubble like we experienced a decade ago. Here is what makes this market different compared to last time: 1️⃣ This time, housing supply is extremely limited. The…
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Why you should ignore trends in Real Estate

Many people tend to get caught up in real estate trends reported in magazines, newspapers and on television. This is a mistake of the highest order. Why You Should Ignore Trends In Real Estate In this modern information age, you can learn just about anything on a particular subject. While access to information is usually…
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You can choose a Canberra Real Estate Agent

Before you take the important step of finding a real estate agent to sell your Canberra home, there are some things you should consider to make certain that the agent you choose is right for you. Keep reading and we'll find out how you can choose a Canberran Real Estate Agent. In order to sell…
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