Our tailored marketing plans, combined with our expertise, will make a difference to the sale price of your property. Each property we sell is unique and we use our years of experience to develop a marketing plan that will get you the absolute best price.

We understand how important it is for you to maximise the sale price of your property. That's why we don't simply apply the same marketing template for every property we sell. Instead, we use our skill and experience to ensure that your property is correctly positioned and marketed to secure the best result possible.

Throughout the process you will notice our commitment to keeping you informed.


We will provide you with the tools you need to prepare your property for sale and ensure that you do not spend unnecessary money on things that will not benefit the sale price or saleability of your property.


Buyers are not exclusively owned by any one firm. Buyers are savvy, have immediate access to what's on the market and will shop where they see opportunity. Although we utilise our personal relationships, corporate database and relationships with service providers, to attract buyers to your property, we will also focus our attention on 'here-and-now' buyers.

One of our great strengths is our ability to find solutions to seemly impossible problems. Our experience, based on the win-win principle, has had great results for our clients and we can achieve the same for you.


All the paperwork and processes that go with selling a house can take a long time. Unless the process is managed, it can take longer than it should for you to settle the sale of your property and that can mean time and money wasted.

At Key Real Estate, we want you to exchange as quickly as possible. We make an active effort to ensure it happens without delay. We don't wait for solicitors and mortgage brokers to push paper around in their own time. Instead, we chase them and hurry the process up. Sometimes we physically take contracts ourselves from solicitor to solicitor to make it happen as quickly as possible for you.

  • Property Sales

    At Peter Morrell Real Estate, we specialize in selling residential properties. We deeply understand that moving homes is a life-changing event, and each family has its own distinctive needs to undertake this life-altering decision. While some need to upsize to accommodate the housing needs of a growing family, others seek to downsize after their kids move out. Our job is Continue Reading

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  • Off market sales

    Are you aware of the convenience you can enjoy with an off-market sale? An off-market sale refers to a selling process devoid of marketing, open homes, and no one coming over to traipse around your house. We specialize in lucrative off-market property sales. If your property is a specialist RZ2, which makes it ideal for redevelopment, or whether the property Continue Reading

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  • Property Advice

    As trustworthy and esteemed real estate agents, we have accumulated a diverse wealth of experience through our engagements in the market and our dealings with buyers, sellers, developers, and builders. We are always willing to connect with people seeking property advice and help them make well-informed decisions. Are you looking for valuable insight and information to help you learn about Continue Reading

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  • Preparing a property for sale

    Clients often ask us: what renovations should I undertake to maximize my selling price and profits? Should I undertake a kitchen renovation, change the flooring, or upgrade the bathrooms? We always have a standard response: it depends entirely on your property and the value it has to offer. Our experts are always happy to drop by and take a detailed Continue Reading

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  • Negotiating

    Negotiating, we as the real estate agent, we really earn our money. Negotiation is where we maximize your dollar and make sure there's absolutely nothing left on the table when you sell your property. We've spent a lot of money on training, personal development and expertise-building, to make sure that we are absolutely on top of our game as far Continue Reading

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  • Property Marketing

    The property market is making sure that as many people as possible see your home when you enter the market. You see, competition is the force that will get you that best price, not the promise of the price. It's all about getting as many people as possible to see it so they compete on your front lawn and auction. Continue Reading

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Would you like a Property Price Report for your home?

Computer generated "instant" appraisals can be wildly inaccurate as there are many aspects of your home they fail to take into consideration. For a more precise valuation, you need an expert!
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