Peter knows and loves Canberra. He’s been here most of his life, he’s raised a family here and he’s passionate about seeing our city grow.

Peter’s focus is on high standards in customer service and satisfaction. He has extensive real estate experience and business experience more broadly.  He really understands the needs of vendors and buyers in the property market.

Peter has spent an enormous effort in training and understanding the real estate industry. This includes honing his negotiating skill to make sure you get the best result for your property.

Excited about the way real estate marketing is heading, he recognises that social media has become a mature marketplace and essential to reach the target market. It is the most profound change in the way we interact with each other and access information. For Peter social media is a powerful way to precisely target the buyers that will suit a particular property, “there has never been a medium that has allowed us to laser target our market and prospective buyers.”